Where are the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Airport

Galapagos Airport

There’re a few airports on the Galapagos Islands but the most important is how to get to the Galapagos Islands and what airports to use. We flew on cobra airlines from Florida Orlando to Quito, Ecuador and from there we were able to get to Baltra.  The Galapagos Airport is very small but quick to get through.

There is another airport on Santa Cruz but the largest airport is on Baltra. This is definitely an interesting airport. Once you arrive at the Paul truck airport on the Galápagos Islands you have to walk from your airplane on the tarmac to the airport. It’s a tiny airport that’s open air. Hundred of you from your airplane will walk in and go to customs. There is no air-conditioning it’s very dry like the desert with no ceiling fans running. Several booths set up where customs check your passport in a single file line and then charge you your hundred dollar entrance fee. Except US money and except 50s and hundreds and lower dominations. We were worried about the hundred dollar bills when traveling in the Galapagos but at this stop there wasn’t a problem.

A view from the Galapagos Airport

A view from the Galapagos Airport

A view from the Galapagos Airport

Even so your other reasons why you will be at this airport. There are other ways to get to the island which include tours and taxis Bywater. Taking a taxi by one or two other islands is only $35 each Way. That’s fantastic for a budget traveler. We both took one from From Santa Cruz to Isabela island however the water taxi A really rough and uncomfortable ride. We did hear that the way back was in his bag from the people that I’ve heard other travels from this direction that a lot of people got sick to take your Dramamine

That being said we took a private flight from Isabella Island back to baltra and it was completely amazing. We flew over some tiny Volcanos on the way and got some fantastic photos. If I haven’t posted it yet I will update whole flight. It’s only about 25 minutes compared to a two hour to 3 1/2 hour water taxi ride on a fast boat

This is the whole flight from the Galapagos Airport in Isabela to Baltra (Santa Cruz)

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    The Galapagos airport is on a tiny island called Baltra. We arrived there on a flight from Quito. It was a shot flight and only about 2 hours. We flew Avianca. And on the way back we fee the same airlines but we made a stop and then to Quito. Unfortunately they had us get off the plane and then re board. This did give us a chance to grab a beverage. Although each flight we had a meal and drinks. The meal was a ham and cheese sandwich or a vegetarian sandwich.

    Once we arrived in Baltra the Gslapagos islands airport we did have to pay $100 for the national park fee. It was well worth every penny. By the way they excepted your $100 bill and our $50 US bills without any questions. I did hear a was worried that at the Gslapagos Airport that they might not take any bills over $20 US but this wasn’t the case at all.

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