Where are the Galapagos Islands

Isabela Island Galapagos

So What are the Fun things to go on Isabela Island in the Galapagos

There was so many fun things to do on Isabela Island Galapagos. Everyday was a new and exciting experience. We took a fast boat from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island and it was pretty rough. Would I do it again, only if the seas are calm. Our experience wasn’t as bad as others or other boats that day. I didn’t get sick is what I’m trying to say. However I did decide to take a flight back when it was time to return and I most enjoyed it.

This was our actual boat ride. By the time we arrived all the people in the back were soaked.

Day 1 on Isabela Island Galapagos:

Once we arrived we stopped and looked at all the sea lions on the shore right by the tiki hut. They seemed to act like humans and take up every available seat. Off to the right was a trail that we wondered down before catching a taxi to our hotel (Hostel). This trail lead to a beautiful area to swim. Penguins were on the rocks and a few sea lions swam by. We saw a few people swimming and snorkeling in the distance. There are so many free things that you can do on Isabela Islands that makes it a great place to stay for a few days.

Once at the hotel we inquired about tours. We wound up arriving around 10 am so we had time to grab lunch and then try and book an afternoon tour.
We decided to go on a snorkeling trip to Tintoreras. Just to let you know this was my favorite spot for snorkeling. It was only a 10 minute boat ride and once there the water was Crystie clear and there were at least 10 large sea turtles that we saw. Plus a blow fish and many others. I enjoyed snorkeling over the caverns or walls formed by lava. My Girlfriend like Los Tuneles better.

Here are a list of tours. I wish that I had this before going to the Galapagos. It would have help me plan easier. Sorry these don’t look that great but it’s better than nothing.

Day 2 on Isabela Island Galapagos:

A lot of this stuff is free. The next day we booked a trip that left at 7:30 am and headed to Volcano Sierra on Isabela Island Galapagos. It was a 5 hour hike and one of the best scenic hikes that I’ve ever done. They told us that this was a trip that you had to do on a tour. Honestly for the $35 per person that we paid I think that it was well worth it. It came with a bag lunch. I was told that it would come with water as well but it did not. I would recommend two bottles at least of water each. Don’t be surprised if the stores are out of water. It took us two hours to locate water. Every store was out and even all the restaurants.

Later that day after our return and a shower later I got a cab and spent a total of $20 and had the driver take us to a cave. He even drove us to his house to get a flashlight. I asked him to guide us through the cave and he did. Afterwards he drove us to a look out point on top of a hill. Amazing views and it was unexpected so it was a great side trip.

More to come….

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