Where are the Galapagos Islands

Los Tuneles Backpacking Galapagos

Alycia swimming in Los Tuneles in Galapagos Islands

Los Tuneles Backpacking Galapagos

One of the worlds best snorkeling sites. Besides the cool landscape created by lava flow you can see an arrange of beautiful fish. Here you can see white tipped sharks. Look in the dark caves to find them while snorkeling. There are tons of large bright blue fish. On land we saw Blue footed boobies and white footed boobies.

In order to get to Los Tuneles you will need to either take a tour from Santa Cruz or take a $35 water taxi (fast Boat) to Isabela Island and then take a tour to Los Tuneles. There are travel agencies on every corner. The Los Tuneles tour cost around $90 and takes about 6 hours. Los Tuneles is a must see. The tour will pick you up from your hotel or hostel around 7:30am. They will have you fins and snorkel and mask on the boat waiting for you. I had some issues with my fins. They were arount one size to large and rubbed on the upper part of my toe until it bleed. It was hard to fix since i didn’t realize what it was doing until we were far past our boat. I did however swim in once we got close to the boat again. They had one fin (1) that was the size that i needed so I used that on my foot that was worse off. I put a band-aid on it and was good to go. However I did miss out on seeing the sea horse while dealing with this.

Video of a Galapagos Penguin swimming in Los Tuneles

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