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Scuba Diving Galapagos

Scuba Diving Galapagos Galapagos:

The day that we arrived on Santa Cruz we were amazed by all the dive shops that we had to choose from. We bargained for the best price for our first Galapagos dive. It seemed almost impossible to figure out a dive trip from the states. I contacted several agencies but I never got a response.

Scuba Diving North Seymour Galapagos

Don’t worry it’s way easier to plan a dive once you get to Santa Cruz. We asked about four different dive shops about their itinerary for the next day, which was a Saturday. They all said North Seymour and for the second dive somewhere close. They usually had two other spots.

I talked to other people who had booked from other countries and they paid ahead of time $200-$230 US. I paid $130 for the same trip. This included all your gear, transportation and lunch.

Boat Ride on our trip.

On our first dive we swam near a cliff’s edge were we saw star fish, eel, huge rays, and a school of hammerhead sharks. Unfortunately it was when I was about out of air and on my way to the surface when I swam above them as they circled around.

Scuba diving Galapagos while following a white tipped shark.

This is the first shark that I have ever seen while swimming. No one else was nervous so I wasn’t worried.

So let me tell you a little story about my experience at the end of the first dive. Remember this is my first open water dive in the ocean and further down than ever before. I looked at my gauges and saw that I was at 700 this was shortly after we just checked in with our dive master and let him know what we all had. I quickly spotted my second dive master and gave him the hand signals for 700. He didn’t seem to be that worried so we kept going and I figured that we were on our way up. I looked down again to check and now saw that I was at 500. This time I motioned danger and gave showed him 500. He came over to me and gave me his emergency regulator. Hmm I thought. This is where my training from Dayo has come in nicely. We swam for a short bit when I started sucking in water. I tried to clear it but it still seemed like a stead stream of water and oxygen.I switched back over to my regulator and tried to explain what was going on. As I’m trying to demonstrate what’s happening I see that there is a tear in the mouth piece that he gave me. So we switched. All in all I never freaked out and stayed calm. Finally I pointed up because I don’t think this guy was going to take me up. The other dive master in the front saw what was going on and put up an inflatable sign that said diver out of air. Personally I think that I was the only looking at my gauges because I wasn’t the only one low and a few of us had to surface. On our way up is when we spotted all the hammerhead sharks. I wanted to go back down but once we got to the top I used my snorkel and swam around watching them.

Our second dive after an hour rest we went back down and this time we saw quit a bit more sea life. White tipped sharks and this wall of fish that I’m still amazed by. My experience this time down wasn’t as crazy. I definitely worked on my breathing.

Below Alycia starts swimming along side the sharks.

Scuba Diving Galapagos was one of my favorite things to do while on Santa Cruz Island.

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