Where are the Galapagos Islands

Where are the Galapagos Islands

So, where are the Galapagos Islands and how do I get there?

Where are the Galapagos Islands well please let me explaine. The Galapagos Islands or (official name: Archipiélago de Colón,) Islas Galápagos, Spanish pronunciation. So Where are the Gapagos Islands. The Galapagos islands are far off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean,  906 km (563 mi) west. The Islands are owned by Ecuador and are their major source of Tourism.

Galapagos Map Where are the galapagos Islands

Chales Darwin famed for visiting these islands in 1535 made many discoveries. The islands are known for their vast number of Unique landscapes and endemic species.  His observations and collections contributed to the inception of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

How to Get There

Where are the Galapagos Islands airports. The islands have two airports, Isla Baltra and Isla San Cristóbal, which are serviced by regular flights from mainland cities Quito and Guayaquil.

How to Visit

Accommodations are available on several islands, public fast boats and planes services allow traveler to get about the archipelago. The best way to experience the Galápagos is by backpacking or a 5-14 day boat tour. Whether your interests lie in scuba diving, bird watching, snorkeling, hiking, surfing, or other activities an appropriate tour options are available.

When to Visit

There is never a bad time to visit however the temperatures if you are not used to it can get unbelievably hot and humid, Most crowding issues occur from peak season of June through September and again in mid-December to January.

From December through May the islands tend to be quieter, but frequent sunshine is also punctuated with almost daily rain showers and water temperatures change and seasons shift, different types of wildlife become more or less plentiful—so keeping a “must-see” species list in mind when planning your itinerary.

Where are the Galapagos Islands

  • Location: Pacific Ocean
  • Coordinates: 0°40′S 90°33′WCoordinates: 0°40′S 90°33′W
  • Total islands: 19
  • Major islands: 18
  • Area: 8,010 km2 (3,090 sq mi)
  • Highest elevation: 1,707 m (5,600 ft)
  • Highest point: Volcán Wolf
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Province: Galápagos
  • Capital city: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
  • Population: 26,640 (as of 2012)
  • Density: 3 /km2 (8 /sq mi)

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  1. Jane

    Thank you. We are wanting to plan a trip and it seems so hard to do from here in the states. Every website that I go to seems to differ. We are wanting to go in March. What is your opinion on the best place to see the blue footed boobies? Also where did you say on Isabela Island.

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